I was Morrissey's drummerThis is one of the funniest radio documentaries ever made. It’s about how Andrew McGibbon ended up drumming on Morrisey’s ‘Viva Hate’ album instead of going on tour with novelty song act The Baron Nights.

Andrew McGibbon (a.k.a. Andrew Paresi) comedian, actor, writer, musician and composer recorded this perfectly crafted thirty minutes for the BBC and it’s wonderful. Both in its own right as a documentary of the monumental event that was Morrisey’s first post-Smiths album and as a hugely entertaining romp through that bit of the ’80’s.

An all star cast contribute to the fun and the always engaging Suggs (out of Madness) tells how he felt when sandwiched between The Smiths and Dexy’s on TOTP and it’s a gem. We also hear from the (now very influential) film critic Mark Kermode as he sticks his two-penneth (two cents’) in about how to approach loving The Smiths and Morrisey.

If you suspected Morrisey of being, pompous before, oh wait, make that if you suspected Morrisey of being a pompous, vain and pretentious tool before, you will have your prejudice completely, delightfully and deliciously confirmed. You will also still love him and think he’s beautiful too. Press play, it’s top so ‘ave it.
Hope you enjoy it, seeyoh.

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