my kid wants to learn the guitarWe get asked this question a lot by friends so we made a little cartoon to walk you through it.  Obviously we recommend that anyone and everyone learns to play an instrument (guitar hero doesn’t count) and this advice applies to all folks and not just kids.

You can get so much more out of listening to music if you have ever played an instrument and this can only be seen as a good thing right?

If you think you know someone who needs to see this video, pass it on using one of those clever buttons below, you may be the inspiration behind the next Hendrix, Clapton or Slash or ‘The Hedge’ or Johnnie Marr or…… get the picture.

If you know someone who’ll benefit from this, then pass it on.


This is also our first ‘education’ style video and we really hope you like it.  If the response is good we’ll make some more.  Leave us a comment below or on Facebook or Twitter suggesting a subject and we’ll give it a go.

Want to know what a ‘middle 8’ is?  What exactly is ‘a solo’?  Why are drummers?  Ask us and we’ll get on with it.

If you’re a kid who wants to learn, show it to your parents and you may end up getting a very cool axe you wanna play all the time and not some pine planks stuck together by Ikea job.