music blog funny indian songsI once had an Indian restaurant and in the toilet I had a poster of classic Indian song titles, to my astonishment it got added to over the months, the list that is, not the toilet. This being an Indain restaurant, the toilet was also a sort of post meal hang-out too for obvious reasons.

Below is the ‘best of’ list from memory, it’s far from complete and I reckon you can add some more so fell free to do so in the comments:

The definitive Indian chef playlist (so far)

Lionel Richie: “Aloo, is it me you’re looking for”

Europe: “The Fennel Countdown”

Beach Boys: “Wouldn’t it be rice”

The Beatles: “Paperback Raita”

Culture Club: “Korma chameleon”

Madonna : “Pappadum preach”

Culture  Club: “Korma Chameleon”

Elvis Presley: “Aloo lonesome tonight?”

Justin Timberlake: “Rock your bhaji”

Wizzard: “Keema Baby Jive”

James Brown:’This is a naan’s world’

For some reason ABBA were very popular with four entries:

ABBA: “Dhansak Queen”     “Vindaloo”       “Chickentikka”       “Tikka Chance On Me”