For the benefit of our non British readers, ‘White Lightening’ is a potent yet cheap apple based alcoholic beverage favoured by what we Brits call ‘Crusties’ or ‘Travelers’.  What are they?  They are either ‘a noble group of non-conformist Eco warriors’ or a ‘bleedin’ shower of tree hugging benefit scroungers’ depending on which newspaper you read or my uncle Dave who is frankly a ‘proper self made fascist and not one of your posh book reading fascists’.

Dave is what we Brits call ‘an utter turd’.

Here at OTOTTF Towers our opinion of the Crustie/Traveller breed is that it’s a broad church and we’ve met, in equal measure, passionate, genuine non-conformists and feckless wankers amongst them.

Anyway, this festival isn’t real, but the poster for it is spot on if it were.

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