I released my first album of original material on the 26th February, 2014, my fiftieth birthday. I’d considered myself a musician for most of those preceding years. But I hadn’t actually, y’know, put an album out. Duh.

It also occurred to me that lots of pop bimbos (as we call them in our house) who trot out the musical equivalent of McDonald’s, convenient, immediate and forgettable had managed to get albums out. They fill a necessary hunger in the market (I was once young) but you’re not gonna go there for a memorable meal once you turn twenty five right?

It took the jolt that is everyone’s half century to get my head right about doing this.

I’m glad to say I haven’t made a McDonalds album. I like to think of it as a lovely restaurant you found on holiday with some really splendid, unique dishes, good local wines and great company and I hope you enjoy it as such.

Old musos, get your album on, I want to hear it.

When I started playing music, releasing an album was of course impossible, but now it isn’t, it is entirely possible to record an album with limited means and the generosity of friends and family and get it out there to the public and this site is all about that.

I encourage everyone who plays and writes to do this, it’s been a remarkable, life changing experience and worth doing for it’s own sake. Regardless of  sales, this was utterly worth doing, a joy from start to finish. I’m alive as a musician again, I had a fabulous time writing and developing the album, met some amazing musicians and made some new friends and it doesn’t get better than that does it?

Naturally if you were to buy the album I’d be delighted too and I can’t lie, every single sale makes me run around the house whooping like a lunatic. I have already started writing the next one.

If you are an aging lifelong muso like me, get your head in the game and get your album recorded and out, I promise you won’t regret it.